Shanghai Xinxiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiang Technology) was established in 2009. It has established subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Ningxia. It integrates testing, certification, quality appraisal and training in the manufacturing industry. Provide strong technical support for the discovery and resolution of product quality problems in product development, production, and after-sales stages.

Xinxiang Technology has more than 10 years of experience in the testing and certification industry, mainly providing compliance testing, SEMI certification, CE certification, and biological safety testing for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automotive electronics and parts, forklifts and construction machinery, medical equipment, clean plants and other industries , Training and other technical services.

Xinxiang Technology has an ISO17025 system, has been accredited by the American authoritative certification body A2LA, by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment CNAS, and by Shanghai CMA. It can provide customers with notarized and credible professional testing. In March 2020, Xinxiang Technology successfully obtained the authorization of the International Semiconductor Industry Association SEMI and became a SEMI certification and accreditation body. For semiconductor manufacturing equipment, integrated circuit manufacturing companies provide SEMI S2 (equipment safety assessment), S8 (ergonomic evaluation), S6 (ventilation/tracer gas testing), S10 (safety verification), S14 (fire risk assessment), S22 ( Safety), F47 (voltage drop) and other evaluation, testing and certification services.

In the automotive field, Xinxiang Technology is recognized by many car manufacturers, and has environmental reliability, EMC, electrical performance, materials and other testing capabilities. It provides professional testing for automotive electronic parts, motors, new energy batteries, interiors, materials and other manufacturers. And certification services.

In the field of medical devices, Xinxiang Technology is familiar with testing standards, understands the registration process, and closely follows national regulations to provide medical device companies with professional and fast registration testing, registration agency and consulting services.

Xinxiang Technology is based on professionalism, technology as the core, customer demand-oriented, dedicated to its duties, and lasting assistance for the orderly and high-quality development of the testing, certification, and appraisal industries.


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