INNOViON is the largest provider of ion implantation foundry service in the world.  With multiple manufacturing locations and 30 implanters, we have diverse applications for every need.  INNOViON plays a significant role in supporting leading semiconductor and technology companies with cost effective, unique technical solutions.

The majority of INNOViON customers do not own implanters and rely upon us exclusively.  Additionally, we keep capacity available for urgent spikes in demand and offer same day turnaround.  We process tens of thousands of wafers per week (including high volume GaAs and compound substrates) and add tools and capacity as required to support our customer’s changing needs.

INNOViON is the recognized leader for implanting R&D and specialty materials.  We have a dedicated specialty division and team of experts ready to assist you.  We process unique shapes and wafer sizes ranging from pieces to 300mm.

INNOViON can support your requirements for parts cleaning or source and subassembly rebuilds of implanter components.  With a dedicated maintenance team, we also provide support for tool installs/de-installs.

INNOViON maintains a large complement of high and medium current production implanters handling 2-inch to 300mm substrates.  We have unique capabilities in high energy and compound material implanting.  We also have a wide variety of specialty tooling and custom fixtures that allow us to handle pieces of wafers and unique shapes and materials.



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