RIFF Company prides themselves on being the "small hole gurus," providing burr-free micro drilling to meet your most demanding requirements.
In addition to micro drilling, we also offer vertical machining and surface grinding. All drilling, machining and inspection is performed under climate-controlled conditions.

RIFF Company, Inc. is at the forefront of micro drilling innovation. Our goal is to support our customers, who are leaders in a wide range of industries, as they develop new manufacturing technologies.

Micro Drilling
Riff Company provides micro drilling down to .0015” diameter and 8x diameter. We utilize a unique process to ensure burr-free parts.

Micro Machining
Micro machining specializing in ceramics such as Photoveel and high performance grade plastics.

Quality Assurance
Climate-controlled inspections on our state-of-the-art equipment ensure that our work meets your most demanding requirements.



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