CIS Corporation initially commenced as a company that simply purchases, stocks, and sells mainly front-end processing equipment.
With our extensive knowledge accumulated throughout the years, we have grown into a company able to provide customers with a wide variety of products in various business fields.


CIS Corporation deals with most of the front-end processing equipment of major OEM while continuously purchasing and supplying equipment through own sourcing and various bidding.
Related technical services and package (turn-key) sales are also available for our customers.


Through ongoing purchases, CIS Corporation stocks large quantities
of various spare parts such as RF parts, OEM parts, pumps, and
robots utilized in front-end equipment to meet customer
needs on time.


Beyond simply selling product from our inventory, CIS Corporation
also serves as sourcing and agent for purchasing and bidding.

Furtherly for focusing on maintenance and management, we provide
refurbishment, exchange, and rental services for specific models of
equipment and sub-parts.


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