ATREG works with companies seeking to enhance operational efficiencies or restructure illiquid or underperforming infrastructure-rich manufacturing assets.

Define disposition objectives
Evaluate potential disposition scenarios, probabilities, and achievable value ranges
Identify target buyers
Establish disposition strategy and timeline
Gather due diligence information
Prepare offering materials
Contact and educate target buyers about offering
Provide updates based on market feedback
Create and populate electronic due diligence room
Facilitate site visits and solicit bids
Strengthen negotiations
Support transaction closing, including documentation
Acquisition Services
ATREG works with firms seeking to augment existing manufacturing capacity and capabilities by strategically evaluating manufacturing purchase opportunities.

Define acquisition requirements, key decision criteria, and preferred transaction structure
Determine alternatives for consideration based on acquisition objectives
Establish acquisition strategy and timeline
Identify potential acquisition opportunities
Review and establish shortlist of potential acquisition targets
Contact and engage sellers in a confidential dialogue
Facilitate site visits
Gather due diligence materials
Provide support related to negotiations, documentation, and transaction closing


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