SixSense is a Singapore-based deep technology company for smarter manufacturing. We use cutting- edge technologies such as computer vision, deep learning, and IoT analytics, to detect and predict defects for the trillion-dollar manufacturing industry!
We are backed by leading VC firms in Asia, SGInnovate, Entrepreneur First, and senior experts in the industry who envision the future of self-intelligent factories!

Automated Defect Classification
Enabled by Computer Vision, classifAI is a self-learning solution that reviews and classifies defects to eliminate misclassifications and overkill.
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Streamlined Root Cause Analysis
Using Big Data Analytics, causifAI software scans through terabytes of factory data to identify equipment or process issues that caused the defect.
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Intelligent Defect Prediction
Powered by IoT analytics, predictAI is a powerful failure prediction tool that monitors equipment in real-time and predict anomalies at their source.
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