EURIS – Single Wafer Box

SWB stands for Single Wafer Box and is made by EURIS.

It allows easy transportation of 300mm wafers outside a FOUP and is available in 200 wafer sizes.

This transparent single wafer box is used to safely move and stack the wafer throughout the cleanroom.

Most commonly used for the convenient transport and stacking of 300mm test wafers, this carrier can also be used for processed wafers primarily in R&D environments.

Even stacked, the front side of the wafer does not touch the walls of the box.

The contact takes place on the front side in the 3mm edge exclusion zone and the backside of the wafer.

These boxes can be stacked open or closed with or without wafers.

Two latches with one on each side allow an easy opening of the box.

With special access, the wafer can be easily removed with vacuum tweezers.


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