AdTech Ceramics, a leading manufacturer of high temperature co-fire ceramic electronic packages and precision ceramic components, continues to invest in equipment and technology to meet increasingly complex and demanding high reliability packaging requirements.The most recent addition is an ENEPIG plating line that complements AdTech's existing CVD, electroless and electrolytic plating capabilities. ENEPIG is formed by the deposition of electroless nickel (EN), followed by electroless palladium (EP) and an immersion gold flash (IG).This plating system is suitable for typical assembly processes such as soldering and gold and aluminum wire bonding.ENEPIG plating has numerous advantages over the more conventional electroless and electrolytic nickel and gold plating processes.The palladium acts as a barrier layer between the Ni and Au, thereby reducing of the formation of Ni and Au intermetallics that can degrade bond interfaces and shorten life.Additionally, since the total precious metal content less is than with conventional plating methods, there can be a cost benefit.Because the process is electroless, there is no requirement for bussing connections to the plating surfaces allowing additional flexibility with package design, particularly given industries push for higher frequency and miniaturization.AdTech's ENEPIG process adheres to the requirements of IPC Plating Processes Subcommittee specification, IPC-4556.AdTech is AS9100D and ISO9001:2008 certified and Nadcap accredited.