Archer Materials Limited has announced that it will work with world-leading semiconductor foundry, GlobalFoundries, to advance the development of its 12CQ quantum chip technology (“12CQ chip”).

Archer staff operating inside the laboratory. Credit: Archer Materials

Archer’s innovation aims to integrate its unique qubit material with mobile-compatible devices that are in a form suitable for industrial-scale semiconductor nanofabrication. To scale the fabrication of Archer’s 12CQ chip devices and components, the company will need to work with industrial-scale manufacturers in the global semiconductor supply chain.

Archer will access the technology facilities and manufacturing processes of GlobalFoundries to explore pathways for potential high-volume manufacturing of 12CQ chip devices and components. Archer will work closely with GlobalFoundries on device and circuit design, technology development, and high-volume chip fabrication. Current quantum computing qubit architectures rely on custom made fabrication, unlike modern classical computing circuits that are manufactured in, and using, well-established industrial semiconductor facilities. Integrating qubit materials with existing industrial-scale foundries is a significant challenge in developing quantum processors.

“Archer is now positioned to leverage the expertise and capabilities of a tier-one semiconductor manufacturer to accelerate the development of the 12CQ quantum computing chip technology,” said Dr. Mohammad Choucair, CEO of Archer.

Archer staff operating inside the laboratory. Credit: Archer Materials.
The scientific breakthrough made in 2016 to realize Archer’s 12 CQ qubit material is available online in the peer–reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, which reports the advantages, technological trade–offs, and the technological barriers that have been overcome towards realizing practical quantum computing, over several other qubit proposals. Patent information related to the 12 CQ chip qubit and proposed device(s) is available online, including examiner reports, through the WIPO website.