BelGaN, a semiconductor foundry in Europe, has recently achieved a major breakthrough by qualifying its BEL1 1st generation 650V eGaN platform for full-scale production, attracting orders from several key customers. This remarkable accomplishment, realized within a mere 2 years, underscores the impressive capabilities and operational excellence of the BelGaN team, positioning them to expand into a high-volume GaN (Gallium Nitride) foundry in Europe.

Dr. Alan Zhou, CEO of BelGaN, highlights the accelerating growth of the GaN power device market, spanning from mobile consumer fast chargers to AI data centers, solar, industrial, and automotive applications. Engaging with over 30 global GaN customers and securing orders for the BEL1 650V eGaN platform, BelGaN is poised to capitalize on the escalating demand for GaN volumes. This surge in demand is driven by customers seeking expanded manufacturing capacity for GaN and an imperative to establish European sources in response to geo-political complexities.

Dr. Marnix Tack, CTO and VP Business Development of BelGaN, expresses great pride in the release of the BEL1 platform within a short span of 2 years since the company's inception. Noteworthy investments in R&D capabilities, including a doubling of the team size resulting in a cumulative GaN expertise exceeding 300 man-years, have paved the way for this achievement. Extensive collaboration with lead customers has culminated in thorough product testing, demonstrating performance on par with industry leaders in charger applications.

As part of the BEL1 release, BelGaN introduces a range of unique foundry services, offering a virtual IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer) business model to its customers. These encompass quality services, technology development services, and product design services. Additionally, BelGaN is unveiling a library of reference products associated with the BEL1 platform, featuring Ron values spanning from 70-1000mΩ, available as bare die or in DFN 8x8 and 5x7 packages. These products serve to expedite the design of GaN products in the BEL1 platform and facilitate early-stage application testing.

BelGaN's rapid progression from platform qualification to attracting significant customer orders exemplifies its leading position in the semiconductor industry. With a strategic focus on technological innovation, customer collaboration, and comprehensive foundry services, BelGaN is well-poised to make a lasting impact on the burgeoning GaN market, reinforcing its role as a key player in Europe's semiconductor landscape.