China's Key Scientific Body Reveals Plan to Overcome US Chip Sanctions by Amassing Next-Generation Chip Patents.

According to two senior academics from China's leading scientific body, Beijing's strategy to gain an edge in the ongoing technological conflict with the US is to build a portfolio of patents governing the latest generation of chip-making, from materials to techniques. In an article published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Luo Junwei and Dr. Li Shushen outlined how this approach would enable China to resist the sanctions imposed by the US on the country's semiconductor sector. The article also sheds light on how Beijing views the US administration's hostile stance toward semiconductors under President Biden. The Chinese Academy of Sciences provides guidance to the country's policymakers and the article echoes President Xi Jinping's remarks on achieving success in core technologies. However, the scientists noted challenges such as talent shortages and insufficient funding for research in the industry. The US has implemented several measures that restrict the export of technology to China, including semiconductor-making equipment and artificial intelligence processors.