Chinese computer hardware manufacturer, Powerleader, has come under scrutiny after its new "home-grown" chip was found to be a possible rebadged integrated circuit (IC) from Intel Corp.

This report comes from Tom's Hardware, who conducted central processing unit benchmark testing through online cross-platform utility, Geekbench. The test results suggest that Powerleader's Powerstar P3-01105 CPUs and Intel's Core i3-10105 Comet Lake CPU are identical. The findings have not yet been independently verified, and further investigation is needed to either confirm or deny the connection between the two chips. This recent development, if confirmed, could tarnish China's attempts to build its own indigenous chips further. Several allegations of intellectual property theft led to restrictions that have hampered Chinese chip developers. However, the Chinese government continues to allocate resources and funding to develop chips and become self-reliant on critical technology.