In the heart of the Orlando region an emerging advanced semiconductor manufacturing cluster is taking shape. For the innovative companies rooted in Orlando, the prominence of NeoCity as a leader in shaping the future of semiconductor technology is a well-established fact.

Situated merely 20 minutes away from Orlando International Airport, NeoCity spans 500 acres and has garnered over half a billion dollars in federal, state, and local grants and investments. Notable contributions include the esteemed National Science Foundation's (NSF) 10-year, $160 million Regional Innovation Engines award and the U.S. Economic Development Administration's significant Build Back Better Regional Challenge thrust.

Tim Giuliani, President and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP), expressed confidence in NeoCity's trajectory, as it strives to position itself and the Orlando region as a premier hub for semiconductor and microelectronics research, development, and manufacturing on a global scale.

Three Reasons Why NeoCity is America's Upcoming Semiconductor Hub:

  1. Substantial Investment of over Half a Billion Dollars: NeoCity's emergence as a prominent semiconductor hub was solidified with the NSF Engines award dedicated solely to semiconductor endeavors. This recognition highlights a dedication to innovation and transformation within the region.
  2. Talent, Connectivity, and Growth Opportunities: NeoCity's strategic positioning and robust transportation links play a pivotal role in its significance to semiconductor enterprises. The area's infrastructure readiness, vast land plots for development, and strategic connectivity ensure a prime environment for innovation and growth.
  3. Leading Industry Players, Assets, and Infrastructure: NeoCity boasts cutting-edge facilities like the Center for Neovation, renowned for its advanced research capabilities utilized by organizations such as imec and Skywater Technology. With state-of-the-art resources like cleanrooms, microelectronics facilities, and comprehensive office spaces, NeoCity stands out as the nation's upcoming semiconductor research and manufacturing epicenter.

As NeoCity rapidly becomes a nucleus for semiconductor innovation, the Orlando region is poised to advance America's technological landscape, driven by collaborative partnerships and a steadfast commitment to cutting-edge semiconductor developments.