Kalray SA, a fabless chip company based in Montbonnot, France, has received funds through the IP-Cube project, which is part of the "France Relance 2030 - Future Investments" plan.

The project aims to develop secure AI platforms to address the increasing need for AI at the edge, particularly in industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, IoT, automotive, aerospace, and defense. The consortium, led by Kalray, will receive support to complete its next-generation Dolomites manycore processor, as well as funding for Arteris' next-generation NoC (Network-On-Chip) intellectual property (IP), Secure-IC's security IP, and the development of low-power RISC-V processors by Thales. Of the €36.7 million budget, €10 million is reserved for the development of the Dolomites data processing unit (DPU). Eric Baissus, CEO of Kalray, expressed gratitude for the support and acknowledged the importance of the semiconductor industry in terms of production tools and technological know-how.