After analyzing multiple disassembled devices, TechInsights has discovered that Huawei's controversial Mate 60 phones utilize memory modules manufactured by SK Hynix Inc. These particular modules have been available since at least 2021 and were initially found in a Lenovo Group Ltd. handset. Huawei also incorporated the same memory into its Mate X3 and P60 Pro devices earlier this year, according to the researchers.

Aroged: The news about the use of SK hynix memory in the Huawei Mate 60 Pro  smartphone came as a surprise to the company itself - Aroged

Huawei's latest smartphones have garnered significant attention in China but have raised concerns in the US due to their advanced made-in-China processor. The involvement of Icheon-based Hynix in this discourse occurred when their components were identified during a TechInsights teardown of the Mate 60 Pro for Bloomberg News.

In response, Hynix stated that it has ceased doing business with Huawei since the US imposed sanctions on the Shenzhen-based company and is presently investigating the matter.

Furthermore, Washington officials have initiated an investigation into the Mate 60 Pro and its processor. On Thursday, Republican lawmakers urged the Biden administration to completely sever ties between Huawei, its chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., and American suppliers. Their argument centers around the belief that Huawei's device underscores the inefficacy of current sanctions imposed on these companies.