Semiconductor technology is essential to enable a global digital economy and to keep up with the demands of a digitised world, the industry must be capable of accelerating innovation, improving costs and reducing environmental impact. To confront these challenges, Lam Research Corp has unveiled a new business unit, Semiverse Solutions, forging a new paradigm focused on a physical and virtual connected semiconductor ecosystem, enabling labs and fabs to explore innovation for a better world.

Semiverse Solutions has leveraged Lam's extensive expertise in software development, simulation and modelling, data systems, and advanced analytics. The newly formed business unit will deliver breakthrough solutions and services essential for creating a virtual fabrication environment for the semiconductor industry.

The Semiverse Solutions portfolio comprises advanced software platforms to tackle process modelling, design automation and integration challenges. It also includes solutions aimed at enabling advanced plasma, fluid, electromagnetic and particle simulations. Together, these provide building blocks to foster a boundaryless virtual semiconductor fabrication ecosystem and enable researchers to explore promising ideas more rapidly, more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost, without exhausting physical materials.

Semiconductor companies are facing a significant shortage to keep up with rapidly advancing technologies. Educating future semiconductor engineers in nanotechnologies can be expensive, as academic institutions from around the world find access to advanced nanotechnologies cost-prohibitive. With this in mind, Lam Research has proposed its solution: SEMulator3D technology, delivered via a virtual nano fabrication environment, enabling future semiconductor engineers to train virtually in safety, and at a reduced cost. As a result, future talent pools can be captured and developed regardless of geography, improving access to engineers while improving safety and sustainability.

Lam's Semiverse Solutions portfolio provides a foundation to create a virtual semiconductor innovation universe. According to David Fried, Corporate Vice President, Semiverse Solutions, the virtual-physical fabrication world created thanks to Semiverse Solutions opens the door for exciting new opportunities for collaboration, workforce development and advanced technology breakthroughs.