Mitsubishi Electric has revised its investment plan to double its previous five-year plan to approximately EUR 1.8 billion. The expanded investment includes the construction of a new 8-inch SiC wafer fab, with a large portion of the increased investment - around 100 billion yen (US$700 million) - being allocated for this purpose. The new plant will process 200mm diameter (8-inch) SiC wafers, and the company has announced that it will include a clean room with maximum energy efficiency and high levels of production automation. The company will also expand its production facilities for 6-inch SiC wafers.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric will invest about 10 billion yen to construct a new manufacturing facility for the assembly and testing of power semiconductors, consolidating its operations in the Fukuoka region. This integration is expected to enhance the company's development capabilities and enable timely mass production in response to market demand. The remaining 20 billion yen (EUR 140 million), which are new investments, will be used for plant expansion, environmental protection, and related activities.