According to a report by Pandaily on October 17, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer NIO is seeking to register the trademark "NIO Yang Jian" for its self-developed chip. During the NIO Innovation Technology Day held in September 2023, NIO CEO William Li announced that the company's first self-developed chip, called "Yang Jian" in Chinese, would enter mass production in October.

NIO submitted a registration application for the "NIO Yang Jian" trademark on September 21, 2023, as stated on the Trademark Office of the National Intellectual Property Administration's website. Interestingly, the application includes various subcategories such as computer software, chatbot software for simulated conversations, and central processing units (CPUs).

Previous reports mentioned that NIO's Yang Jian chip features an 8-core CPU with 8 sampling channels and a 9-bit sampling depth. It boasts a sampling rate of 1GHz and claims to offer a "50% reduction in power consumption, 30% reduction in latency, and the capability to process 8 million points per second," as revealed in the Pandaily report.