The Semiconductor Industry Association has urged for clear and transparent guidelines from the US government regarding national security concerns related to access to the Chinese market. The association's leaders are concerned about the uncertainty and unpredictability of trade restrictions that have been witnessed in the past two administrations, which make it challenging for semiconductor businesses to plan long-term investments. The group is optimistic that the Biden administration will be pragmatic in its approach and is eager to play a role in ensuring the success of the Chips and Science Act.

A major industry group has stated that American semiconductor companies are eager to have access to the Chinese market despite concerns from the US government about national security. The Semiconductor Industry Association's president and CEO, John Neuffer, explained that the Chinese market is the largest for their industry and that they need to participate in it.

As part of President Joe Biden's Chips and Science Act, the administration is preparing to request proposals from chip companies looking to build semiconductor manufacturing plants in the US. Rules will be proposed on what kinds of investments these companies can make in China.

According to Neuffer, it is up to the government to determine national security priorities. He believes that his organization's role is to ensure that the government understands the commercial implications of their actions. Neuffer is optimistic that the administration will take a pragmatic approach to ensure the success of the chips program and that companies can obtain funds. The Semiconductor Industry Association wants clear guidelines to follow.