The University of Texas at Austin and Infleqtion have signed an agreement to establish a new center of excellence for quantum manufacturing. Infleqtion, a global quantum technologies company, recently opened its flagship corporate office in Austin and will collaborate with UT's Texas Institute for Electronics (TIE) and faculty experts in photonics and quantum technologies. The partnership aims to scale domestic manufacturing capacity for quantum-enabled products in areas such as energy, navigation, defense, and healthcare.

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President Jay Hartzell emphasized the increasing importance of quantum technologies in improving our lives and addressing societal challenges. The collaboration with Infleqtion complements UT's expertise in semiconductors, AI, robotics, and medicine. This partnership demonstrates a closer relationship with industry partners and aims to advance the goals of both organizations, further establishing Austin and Texas as leaders in quantum manufacturing.

UT has more than 20 faculty members across various disciplines working in quantum materials and algorithms. These researchers have spearheaded the twisted 2D materials field, an emerging area for quantum research with the potential to revolutionize energy systems.

The new center of excellence, called qNexus, will focus on scaling the production of quantum-enabled devices to meet the demand from government and commercial markets. Initially, qNexus will support the production of high-precision atomic clocks, ultra-wideband quantum RF receivers, and core quantum components. The envisioned center will also prioritize workforce development and training to meet the demands of quantum and photonic manufacturing.

Quantum-enabled products have applications across critical sectors. In defense, they enhance positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT), improving communication and sensing capabilities. Quantum sensors provide highly accurate data, driving efficiency and economic growth in areas such as cloud computing, AI, finance, telecommunications, oil and gas, and mining. Quantum sensing is already making an impact in industries like healthcare, where quantum sensing is used in medical examinations such as MRIs.

TIE, a public-private partnership sponsored by UT, focuses on developing semiconductor innovations through advanced packaging and building a semiconductor ecosystem that brings together industry, academia, and government. Recently, TIE received significant funding from the Texas Legislature, complementing UT's appropriation of $112 million in 2021. This funding will enable the pursuit of local, state, and federal funding opportunities related to the federal CHIPS Research and Development and Manufacturing Incentives programs.

Infleqtion is a company that delivers quantum information and quantum-enabled products with high precision and power. Leveraging its foundational quantum research from ColdQuanta, Infleqtion's hardware products and AI-powered solutions address critical market needs in areas such as PNT, communication security, energy distribution, and quantum computing. With offices in multiple locations, including Austin, Infleqtion is revolutionizing communication, navigation, and discovery.