Auer is a leading global contract manufacturer of precision metal and thin film polymer parts for the semiconductor, life sciences, medical, opto-electronic, defense, automotive, and industrial markets. Our specialized products and services include engineering support, precision components, Class-A tool and dies, converting, lamination, and turn-key automated process solutions.


Auer Precision is the industry leader for media handling products for
automated assembly. Our staff possess the knowledge and expertise to design custom carriers, magazines and clips (bridge, spring or other mechanical assemblies) to handle standard and non–standard processing. Auer has supported the manufacture of over 1 trillion semiconductor and opto-electronic packages.
Auer provides approximately 100 unique film frame designs, from 3-12” wafer handling, including associated magazines. Choose your design and features, such as cavities for bar-coding or fiducial registration.
Auer can design and build process carriers and magazines for volumes of ten – to tens of thousands. Companies trust Auer for their complex and exacting requirements. Our use of Master Dies™, optimized for 3.1″, 4.3″ and 5.4” widths, for flat or J-channel process carriers ensures part-to-part consistency and timely replenishment. Clips provide further assembly options including: T-clip, Bridge Clip, Spring Clip (down force pressure: 0.5lb – 20lb, with 1.33 Cpk for a +/- 1.5 lb range).
The high volume manufacturing of semiconductor devices, electronic sub-assemblies, pace makers, defibrillators, opto-electronic transducers and other complex parts greatly benefit from associated high precision mechanical components. Auer Precision has a diverse knowledge base for supply of the following:

• Heat sinks
• Heat spreaders
• Process consumables
• Fiber-optic weld clips

• End effectors for automation
• Holding fixtures
• Vacuum chucks
• Vacuum pedestals
• Substrate clamps


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