Justek seeks customer satisfaction through the superiority in design and manufacturing of
high performance linear motors, rotary direct drive motors, and motion stage systems
Business Area
Linear Motors
Linear motors for high precision & high acceleration positioning systems

Applications : industrial equipment, factory automation equipment
Main products :
- Single axis linear motors (coreless/ iron-core type)
- Ceramic air bearing linear motors
- Water-proof linear motors
- Linear servo drivers

Linear Motors
Rotary Direct Drive motors
Rotary DD motors for systems requiring high torque and high resolution

Applications : Production equipment for LED, FPD & semiconductor, Printing & edgegrinding equipment
Main products :
- Diameter : 300mm, 240mm, 160mm, 152mm, 150mm, 110mm
- DD motors for roll feeders

Rotary DD motors
Motion Stage Systems
Multi-axis motion stages for super-high precision positioning systems

Applications : PCB, FPD, semiconductor lines, inspection & scanning systems
Main products :
- Cross type/ hybrid type/ gantry type stages
- Air bearing stages, aligning stages


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