AAC Optics is a company that focuses on bringing innovation to the field of image capture user experiences. We specialize in designing and manufacturing a variety of lenses, including Wafer Level Glass (WLG) lenses, plastic lenses, and hybrid lenses. Our lens offerings are complemented by our development of actuators and modules. In addition to hardware, we also emphasize the importance of algorithms, image quality testing, and tuning to create comprehensive imaging solutions.

Our journey began in 2008 when AAC Optics was founded. The first lens was successfully mass-produced the following year in 2009. To further strengthen our position as a leading optics provider, we acquired additional lens design expertise. In 2010, we invested in Kaleido Technology, a company known for their ultra-precise optical technologies. This strategic investment paved the way for a full acquisition, allowing us to merge innovation with mass production.

Today, we are proud to introduce our Wafer Level Glass solutions to the market. These advances in lens technology significantly enhance image quality for end users. By transitioning from traditional plastic lenses to glass-plastic hybrid lenses, we are able to achieve greater optical design freedom. This results in the ability to capture finer details, improve low light performance, and enhance thermal stability. The introduction of Wafer Level Glass is expected to bring about a new era in imaging capture innovation, benefiting not only the smartphone industry but also a wide range of other applications.

In addition to our lens offerings, we have also dedicated ourselves to the development of advanced actuators and modules. Following in the footsteps of our lenses, we have utilized our expertise to establish world-class manufacturing facilities and bring novel actuator technology to the market.

At AAC Optics, we understand that hardware is only one piece of the puzzle. Our team of experts also develops imaging algorithms that are essential for manufacturing optimization and final image quality tuning.

With over 650 R&D optics experts and a talented manufacturing team spread across multiple facilities, we are well-equipped to deliver our solutions globally for use in smart devices and automotive applications. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of imaging technology and providing integrated imaging solutions that meet the needs of both the human eye and machine vision systems.



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