Wattsine has been dedicating to the development, manufacturing, service and solutions of solid-state RF generator systems to ISM applications.
Industrial-material preparation, plasma light source, semiconductor dry etching, debinding equipment, semiconductor cleaning, industrial microwave chemical industry, smelting, heating, drying,RF thawing
Scientific-Tumor microwave ablation, hyperthermia and physical therapy, plasma beauty and other medical equipment
Medical- scientific research and medical particle accelerators, ECR ion sources and others

Since its establishment, Wattsine has continued to develop a full range of solid-state power source products covering the ISM band, filling the gap in the global industrial solid-state power source product market with constantly iterated and upgraded high-performance products. In the process of continuing to cultivate ISM applications, Wattsine, together with Newman-Hueray Microwave Technology Co., Ltd, which has rich experience in plasma technology development, has jointly developed microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) equipment and remote plasma equipment (RPS) based on solid-state microwave sources. To empower the high quality carbon material preparation industry, semiconductor material etching and cleaning industry and to realize the localization replacement.


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