Seren IPS, Inc., is a manufacturer of Compact, Lightweight, Solid State, Microprocessor controlled (R & I Series) RF Generators as well as "AT Series" Automatic Tuners. Seren's standard products are conservatively rated for output powers of 100-30,000 Watts (continuous) and are available at fixed frequencies of 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz and 40.68 MHz and variable frequency ranges of 100-460 kHz and 1.7-2.1 MHz. An internal DC Switcher's reduces weight and size while allowing operation at mains powers between 94-126 VAC, 180-264 VAC & 380-480 VAC. These products are designed to meet and exceed requirements for capacitive and inductive sources utilized in Sputter, Dry Etch and Deposition processes. CE Mark & NRTL Available.

 At Seren IPS. Inc., innovative technology, applications and design expertise are combined with world class support to deliver critical RF power solutions including RF Generators, Matching Networks and accessories. Continuous product development and dedicated Application/Design Engineering services ensure success for our customers.


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