Jiangxi Lightlead Optoelectronic Co.,LTD.

 , CN Distributor $40.0-60.0 Mil 13-20
manufacturer and distributor of Lumiled chips,micro chips, ceramic base led diode, CSP module, UV led, Laser led and tunabe CCT adjustable leds


 , KR Manufacturer
Copper-Carbon New Composite Materials and Heat spreader with strain balanced structure, commercializing high performance heat dissipation substrates with higher thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion coefficient.

Prolite Group

 , BY Manufacturer
Production of LED lighting

Sicoya GmbH

 , DE Manufacturer
Monolithically Integrated Silicon Photonics Solutions for Next Generation Interconnect, Sensor and Computing Applications.

Freedom Photonics LLC, a Luminar company

 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Photonic components, modules and subsystems. customizing our core photonic technology in Indium Phosphide, Gallium Arsenide or Silicon, we will be happy to provide a private label solution to support your needs.


 , LT Manufacturer
femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) and Yb-based femtosecond laser sources.

Guilin GLSUN Science and Tech Group Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
2.5G DFB Laser Diode Chips, 10G DFB Laser Diode Chips, 25G DFB Laser Diode Chips, PIN- PD/ MPD Chips

Coherent Inc

 , US Manufacturer
Lasers, Machines and Systems, Light Measurement Instruments

Plessey Semiconductors Ltd

 , GB Manufacturer
MicroLED display solutions

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd

 , CA Manufacturer
Pulse generator, amplifier, pulsed laser diode driver, semiconductor device testers

Bagdasarov Crystals Group, BCG

 , AM Manufacturer
Single crystals: Sapphire, YAG, Nd YAG, Er YAG, Yb YAG, Si and others according to the demand.

Array Photonics

 , US Manufacturer
Laser and photodetector arrays for next generation infrared sensing applications.

Alkor Technologies Ltd

 , RU Manufacturer
CaF2, BaF2, MgF2 crystal growing. Optical components

Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.

 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Manufacture of photonic devices and their integration into RF systems. LNOI Phase modulators.

EpiPhotonics Corp.

 , JP Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
PLZT photonics components and subsystems. epitaxial PLZT electro-optics waveguide. PZT/PLZT Deposition and Microfabrication.

Nano Electronics and Micro System Technologies, Inc.

 South District, TW Manufacturer,  Service Company
NEMS develops plasma technologies and provides plasma surface treatment solutions, including vacuum and atmospheric plasma machines. NEMS plasma machines can be used for surface cleaning surface etching and surface modification

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation

 , TW Manufacturer
Breaker & switchgear, Power transmission & distribution, Industrial Equipment and Factory Automation