OhmegaPly resistors are thin film planar resistive elements that are part of the printed and etched circuitry on a standard PCB layer. OhmegaPly RCM® (Resistive Conductive Material) is comprised of a copper-conducting layer (copper foil) and a thin-film resistive alloy layer that has been deposited onto the “tooth” or matte side of the copper foil. The copper foils are single and double treat copper and are available in 1/2 oz (17 micron) and 1 oz (35 micron) weights.

The  OhmegaPly RCM® is available in a number of standard sheet resistivities expressed in ohms per square (OPS): 10 OPS, 25 OPS, 40 OPS, 50 OPS, 100 OPS, 250 OPS and 377 OPS. 

Based on original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and PCB requirements, the OhmegaPly RCM® is laminated by independent laminators or PCB manufacturers to specific dielectric materials. It can be bonded to virtually any dielectric material and thickness currently being used by the Industry.


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