In the highly dynamic world of electronic materials, you need more than a reliable and strong partner. We have been supplying electronic materials for more than 30 years. The experience we have earned and the chemical expertise we possess enables us to offer outstanding products and solutions to our customers. At BASF, we offer process chemicals and customized formulated solutions for the semiconductor and display industry as well as specialized metal systems for consumer electronics and industrial applications.

Semiconductor solutions
Targeting IC fabrication market, we offer proprietary solutions for the semiconductor processes including cleaning, etching, photolithography, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), and wet deposition.
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Display solutions
Targeting display materials market, we offer a series of proprietary process chemicals and customized copper (Cu) solutions.
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Ultra Electronic Chemicals and Gases
Targeting system houses/ formulators, we offer an exceptional range of ultrapure chemicals and gases mainly applied for the production of integrated circuits, flat panel displays, lithium ion batteries (LIB), light emitting diodes (LED), fiber optics, and others.
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Metal Systems
Whether carbonyl iron powder or Catamold®: Our metal system specialties are successfully used in various applications. From the automotive industry to consumer goods, from the construction industry to medical or communication technology – our customers rely on our experience and innovative potential. 
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Competencies which count
We provide our customers with an array of added-values that help them to become more successful.
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With a wide variety of solutions and products, BASF helps to convert solar energy more efficiently into electricity and heat.
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BASF Chemielaboranten begutachten die Oberflächenstruktur eines Siliziumwafers. Im Reinraumlabor führen die BASF-Experten Anwendungstests in den Bereichen Chemie und Oberflächenbearbeitung von Halbleitern durch.  Als einer der Marktführer in Asien und Europa verfügt BASF über ein großes Know-how im Bereitstellen von Prozesschemikalien und Lösungen für die Halbleiterindustrie.
Abdruck honorarfrei. Copyright by BASF.

Chemical lab technicians inspect the surface structure of a silicon wafer. In the clean room laboratory, BASF experts carry out application tests in chemistry and in semiconductor surface conditioning. As a leading market player in Asia and Europe, BASF has strong expertise in delivering process chemicals and solutions for the semiconductor industry.  

R&D for Advanced Technology Nodes
The trend in integrated circuits (ICs) is to consistently migrate to smaller feature sizes with enhanced performance, density and cost per function. New manufacturing processes therefore emerge to push forward the next generation technology. To meet these industry realities, the availability of new and advanced materials are critical. At BASF, our R&D experts have a profound understanding of our customer’s needs and the process requirements, most of them having years of experience in the IC industry.

Ultrapure Electronic Chemicals and Gases
BASF has been a global partner in supplying an exceptional range of standard grade electronic chemicals and gases for customers in downstream industries for over 25 years. Customers are assured of receiving products that meet industry's highest quality standards. These chemicals are mainly applied for the production of integrated circuits (IC), flat panel displays (FPD), lithium ion batteries (LIB), light emitting diodes (LED), fiber optics and many other areas of the electronic industry.


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