Tempus succeeded in developing a micro-thermopile with high SNR(sensitivity-to-noise ration) and WDR(wide detection range), focusing on “cost-effective IR multiband spectral sensor”. We are creating new experiences for our customers and their end-customers. Also, we are currently expanding our business to worldwide.

Tempus has developed "Micro-thermopile" which is superior to conventional "thermopile" by its unique compound thin film technology.
"Sensitivity to Noise ratio (SNR)" and "Sensing area" are more than 5 times better than existing silicon thermopiles.
By sensing "invisible light" and lowering costs, we are bringing these technologies to life.
Infrared sensor technology based on Tempus 'unique micro-thermopile’ is creating a better customer experience and happier life.a

Unique micro-thermopile development and mass production capability

  • Developed a unique micro thermopile with excellent performance
  • Have mass production capacity of 15 million per month in 2019
  • In addition to unit sensor, we have also developed 16 channel, 64 channel, 4,800 channel products and are expanding to CIF and VGA products

Provide solution through vertical integration

  • In addition to infrared sensor elements, lens / filter, read-out IC, test, and application have been developed in-house, thus lowering overall module manufacturing cost.
  • We are growing into a "solution provider" by providing the customers not only modules but also the hardware and software required by the customer's system.
  • By implementing "economies of scale" through product standardization, we are applying our products not only to mobile, but also to various applications
    such as consumer / robot / automobile.

Open collaboration based on core technology

  • Tempus is building a cooperation system with related technology companies and institutions based on core technology of "Micro-thermopile".
  • We are re-interpreting "Tempus Technology" in the view of "Customer Needs" and strengthening our cooperation system to achieve results with limited resources
    at any given time.
  • In particular, we are making sustainable growth through patents and strategic cooperation.

Tempus unique micro-thermopile sensor chip,
it has 4.7 times to 5.8 times more excellent characteristics (Sensitivity to noise ratio) than other thermopiles.
It also has a wide detection range (WDR) of 1um~25um (50% absorption ratio).