Tako Inc. is an Internet of Things solution designed to give semiconductor operations the best possible outcomes in their wafer manufacturing and associated processes. Through monitoring equipment performance, providing predictive maintenance, and supplying information for optimization at all company levels, facilities are able to prevent downtime, lower costs of repairs, and reduce lost product. Manage your operation at an unmatched level with Industrial IoT technology from Tako.


Tako's industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions are designed to meet the needs of asset managers, maintenance technicians, and other professionals who rely on insight into the health of their assets and operations.

IoT Enables
Remote machine health monitoring

Conditional and predictive maintenance

Process and operational insight

Companies Benefit
Prevent failures and unplanned downtime

Reduce repair and maintenance expenses

Create efficiencies across your organization  

Industrial IoT applications require precision and flexibility to meet the varied needs of both new and legacy machines.
Sensor Agnostic.
Sensors for all your assets
The Tako system is sensor agnostic and will work with any industrial sensor. You control the accuracy of data collection by selecting the best sensors for your specific application. 

Otto WiFi or LTE.png
Industrial Smart Devices.
Connect to the cloud via WiFi or LTE
Send machine data to the cloud via WiFi or LTE and extend your reach to remote locations and connectivity restricted environments.

Click below to view Tako’s smart device options.

IIoT Analytics.
Machine health data made easy.
The Tako system normalizes your machine health data to provide an easy to understand “Health Score” for all your assets, individual sensors, and your entire operation.

View sensor data in realtime on your desktop or mobile device, set thresholds for immediate alerts, and use historical graphs to identify the root cause of changes in conditions.




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