With more than 30 years of experience serving the semiconductor industry, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS is your reliable partner for exhaust gas abatement, with a primary focus on dry bed absorption. More than 3,000 installations worldwide testify to customer confidence in CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS ' unique products and services.

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS uses advanced chemisorber technology to design waste gas abatement systems which are unmatched in their scrubbing efficiency, yet absolutely simple to operate.

CLEANSORB dry absorber systems consume neither electricity, water, nor fuel. Moreover, there is no contamination of precious water resources due to discharge of contaminated waste water – a major benefit in terms of eco balance.

One column of CLEANSORB granulate typically binds several thousand liters of hazardous gas into safe, solid by-products. Used CLEANSORB columns are not discarded, but refilled with fresh absorbent with minimal generation of waste material.

CLEANSORB granulate converts hazardous gases into stable inorganic salts at ambient temperature. It is the most elegant and environmentally friendly purification technology of exhaust gas abatement. A wide range of CLEANSORB model sizes are available to meet the needs of all our customers, from small-scale university researchers to round-the-clock wafer fabrication.

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS has over 30 years of experience in dry bed chemisorption technology and offers optimised solutions for all process applications.

Our solutions for exhaust gas abatement:

CLEANSORB – dry bed removal of process waste gas.
CLEAN-PROTECT – safeguard against emergency gas release.
CLEANVENT – mini cartridge for gas cabinet vent lines.


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