Dominion Taping & Reeling, Inc. (DTR) has been a full service packaging company in the Richmond, VA area since 1997. We prepare components in special carriers designed for automated processes serving the telecommunication, aerospace, high-end audio, and medical fields. Our OEMs and their sub-contractors use our products because we do it correctly with quality, on time, and  at or below our market competitors cost. We pride ourselves in these business ethics and thereby establishing our great reputation;  resulting in our preferred status by customers. 
More specifically, our exceptional quality shows  when we cater each job to  our customers special instruction. Filling orders according to the desires and necessities of each customer means there are no two jobs alike.  In this environment our quality relies heavily on our whole team of professionals who are precise and detailed.  Secondly, our customers are delighted with our timely manner.  We do not charge for quick turn-arounds.  Our  typical lead time is 3-5 business days but if you are in a time crunch do not hesitate to  call or e-mail us.  IF we can do it, we will.  As for DTR's prices, we have  a great  structure that is at or below our market's competition. 


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