Next generation wafer fabs from the market leader
Award-winning mega-fabs for semiconductor manufacturing
Exyte is the world’s leading semiconductor infrastructure and EPC/EPCM engineering company, as well as a recognized key supplier to the Top 20 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.

As a dedicated partner of our clients, we deliver semiconductor fabs from consulting and engineering through construction (management) to the hook-up of tools. We set the pace for the next generation of wafer fab design, built to meet our clients’ challenging technology roadmaps and precise economic targets.

Total environmental and process control for maximum performance and yield
Exyte’s semiconductor expertise provides clients with total control throughout the fab’s life cycle. The design and build element is as crucial to each clients' fab operational efficiency and wafer production yield targets as our ultra-pure environmental control concepts based on leading-edge cleanroom technologies. We ensure complete client support throughout all phases, from planning and commissioning, tool installation, process implementation and ramp-up to ongoing facility management and continuous improvement programs during operation. Our clients rely on Exyte for the full life cycle of their production facilities.


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