SHANGHAI MIYA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a company engaged in the planning and integration of high-tech plant systems and technical services. It has cooperative relationships with foreign high-precision instrument vendors. The team members have rich relevant backgrounds and accumulations. More than 20 years of experience in plant monitoring system planning and construction. The business areas cover semiconductor, optoelectronics, petrochemical, biomedical, pharmaceutical and other industries. It has rich achievements in the industry and its professional technical services are highly trusted by customers. 

The company's main products are online gas monitoring system equipment, including clean room AMC micro-pollution monitoring system, exhaust pipeline VOC (NMHC/CH4/THC) continuous gas monitoring system and other related monitoring system equipment. 

The company is not only an instrument and equipment agent, but also a system integrator. The services we provide include after-sales services such as the provision of various analyzers, monitoring system planning and design, data graph control software, system integration testing, on-site pipeline construction, system operation education and training, and regular maintenance. We will provide customers with professional and customized system integration services, and provide good solutions and related services based on customer needs.

Over the past few years, I am very grateful to our customers for their love, support and corrections to MIYA, so that MIYA Technology can always pursue growth and prosperity. Here, we sincerely hope that all customers and advanced players in the industry will continue to give us more opportunities and opinions. We will continue to improve ourselves and innovate, and give back with enthusiastic service. Thank you very much! grateful!

The company’s main products and operating projects include:
1. Environmental protection (pollution prevention) monitoring equipment such as VOC-CEMS (Non-Methane/Methane/THC) continuous automatic monitoring system: patented multi-point sample switching sampling system, real-time analyzer, chemical Design, planning and construction of filter screens and equipment accessories

2. Clean room related monitoring equipment such as clean room AMC monitoring system (NH3/NOx, TS/SO2/H2S, HCl/Cl2, HF, Acids, O3, VOC's...), patented multi-point sample switching sampling system, real-time Analyzer, chemical filter, mobile cart monitoring planning, instrument accessory facility design, planning and construction

3. Monitoring system integration services: man-machine interface design planning, system software design planning and integration (SCADA/DAHS)

4. Introduction of other advanced foreign products and monitoring equipment, laboratory equipment, spare parts and consumables

5. Customer experiment plan and development project consultation and technical support

6. After-sale technical support, repair and maintenance

Major customers:
Semiconductors/chips/integrated circuits/memory:
China Shanghai TSMC/Nanjing TSMC/Xiamen Lianxin/Suzhou Hejian/Jinjiang Jinhua/Hefei Changxin (Rui Li)/Wuhan Yangtze River/Shanghai Huali Microelectronics...
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. / UMC / World Advanced / ASE / Silicon Products / Huaya / Shenggao / Nuvoton / Wenmao / Macronix / Optoelectronics / Jingdian / Sino-US Silicon Crystal...

Optoelectronics industry:
China Putian Huajiacai/Kunshan AUO/Xianyang Rainbow/Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronics/Guangzhou Supervision Sakai...
Taiwan Innolux/AUO/Mingqi/Hancai/Hexin/Guanghong/Qicai/Yujing / Liansheng/Yuanjing/International IPL...  

Current foreign partners are: Baseline, Battelle, BE, Brightspec, CAI, CI Analytics, Dansensor, IUT-Medical, Labthink, MKS, Mocon, PMS, Perkin Elmer, Perma Pure, Picarro, Purafil, Puregas, RAE (Honeywell), Sepha, TAPI, Timberline Instruments, TSI, Yokogawa, and etc.


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