Crystal material system :

   Relying on the group company's electric heating product technology and platform, as well as high-temperature heating and control technology, research and develop high-temperature, especially crystal growth equipment and processes, and form a series of products.

   Special gas configuration system :

   Relying on ultra-high purity clean design and manufacturing technology, and high-precision control system, it provides special gas filling, special gas Gas Cabinet,

 Valve box VMB, Gas Box equipment gas holder and on-site configuration services.

   Electronic chemical process skid :

 Relying on multi-disciplinary integrated system technology, we provide electronic chemical process integration skid, especially ultra-pure purification system skid.

   UHP container equipment:

 Relying on pressure vessel design and manufacturing technology, we provide ultra-clean EP-grade MO source steel cylinders, ALD source steel cylinders, high-purity filling tanks, heat exchangers, rectification towers, and extraction towers.

  System engineering services and others :

   It can provide one-stop service from equipment selection in the preliminary project budget, to on-site service of mid-term material supply, to the supply of consumables in the later period;

 Carry out EPC turnkey projects from design, selection, procurement, construction, and commissioning according to the characteristics of customers' products.

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