Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
The semiconductor industry is at the cutting edge of technological development and requires a wide range of equipment for complex manufacturing processes. In addition, it must follow strict requirements for equipment components and assembly specifications, as well as tight tolerances and a clean environment for sheet metal processing and assembly. Bliksen has worked with several major semiconductor equipment manufacturers for many years and is familiar with new product development, first item/ quality production, and inspections.


Certified supplier of the top three semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world
Equipped with class 10,000/100,000 cleanrooms
On-site CWI-certified inspectors and factory-wide WPS system
Extensive semiconductor component manufacturing experience and familiarity with industry standards and requirements
Proven technical background in the leading semiconductor Asia Pacific market
Product Types

Semiconductor frame
Semiconductor equipment components
Equipment door/cover plate
More sheet metal for semiconductor equipment
Network Communication Equipment
Network communication equipment is an essential element in the process of industrial automation and intelligence. Stability, safety, and space efficiency are key factors in manufacturing equipment. In addition, racks, frames, and chassis are used for arranging and protecting network communication equipment. Bliksen has extensive experience in processing large racks/ cabinets, integrating hardware components, and processing quality sheet metal products for a variety of applications.


Extensive experience in assembling cabinet equipment
Familiar with all kinds of metals, extensive experience in purchasing
Products comply with UL certification and ANSI standards
Provide load, water resistance, and salt spray resistance testing service
Product Types

Network communication racks
Datacenter racks
Server racks/ cabinets
UPS rack cases
Modular racks
Route system equipment
Optical fiber network system
More sheet metal for 5G network equipment

Energy Storage Equipment
In response to the increasing importance of renewable energy and the growing demand for energy storage within specific industries, we are also applying our sheet metal processing technology to energy storage equipment for green energy, batteries, and electric vehicles. With consideration of ventilation, airflow, temperature, and durability of equipment, alongside the support provided by our design team, we develop energy system solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Excellent at assembling various metals
Extensive experience with domestic and international purchasing
Products meet the NEMA standards
Provide load bearing, water resistance, and salt spray resistance testing service
Product Types

Large frame welding parts
Solar photovoltaic racks
Power inverter cabinets and structures
Power converter components
Electric vehicle charging stations
More sheet metal for energy storage equipment
Overseas Sheet Metal Manufacturer
In the past, sheet metal manufacturers were divided into different roles and specialties based on the industry and region. Globalization has provided sheet metal manufacturers with another option by collaborating with overseas counterparts to diversify their risks. Bliksen is familiar with various materials, processing, and metal finishing and is able to work with our counterparts on quality, delivery, pricing, and order status for long-term strategic cooperation.


10 years of experience in import and export, familiar with various trading methods
Increasing production capacity and reducing costs through automation equipment
90% of the equipment in the manufacturer is made by Japanese Amada
Product Types

Customized sheet metal processing products
All kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet metal products
Laser cutting, bending, and welding products
Sheet metal parts, frames, and cases
More sheet metal processing products