LingYanGe is a subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group's semiconductor S sub-group business group. It provides customers with professional SoC system integration verification design service experience. In addition to self-developed solutions such as EDA tools and SoC development platforms, you can also download From the initial stage of chip design to mass production, we provide professional consultation at each stage, save design resources and cost burdens for customers, shorten development time, and form strategic cooperation strategic partners with a number of wafer foundries and IP companies.

LingYanGe attaches great importance to the integration ability of customers in SOC design. Since Hon Hai has rich experience in the upstream, middle and downstream of the global electronics industry, it can not only provide complete supporting technical support services and the best IP integration, but also provide knowledge based on customer requirements. The property rights are tailored to meet the needs of the terminal market. On the other hand, in terms of IP product design and development and after-sales service, we assist customers in optimizing design solutions, provide chip monitoring and analysis system processing procedures, reduce product development risks, and prevent possible problems in chip mass production. To solve the problem, maximize the profit of the customer's investment.

LingYanGe has a very strong R&D and service team with senior work experience in the fields of silicon intellectual property, integrated circuit design and design automation. It is currently the most complete silicon intellectual property management and service system in the industry, which can provide customers with 100% Service and commitment are also the proper layout of one-stop package from IC design to channel sales.