Forge Nano, an ALD equipment provider, has expanded into the semiconductor market with its innovative ALD product TEPHRA™. This new single-wafer ALD cluster platform offers high-quality coating at speeds comparable to batch systems, enabling best-in-class coatings at commercial scale. Powered by ALDx technology, TEPHRA provides ultrathin, uniform films with 10x throughput efficiency, catering to specialty semiconductor applications on 200mm wafers and below. With exceptional chemical use efficiency, rapid cycle times, increased yield, and low-risk manufacturing, TEPHRA is the only single-wafer tool with commercial throughput speeds across various applications.

TEPHRA addresses the demand for high-throughput ALD capabilities while preserving film quality, unlocking new capabilities for More-than-Moore market devices. Forge Nano's ALDx technology allows conformal coatings to exceed aspect ratios of 10:1, facilitating nitride and metal depositions in high aspect ratio structures. The platform comes in various configurations, accommodating different production needs, with advancements like the CRISP technology for precisely depositing hard-to-deposit materials. For detailed information, interested individuals can visit the TEPHRA product page, and attendees at SEMICON West 2024 can personally explore TEPHRA's capabilities at the Forge Nano booth.