According to a recent report, only 85 out of the 180 A-share-listed semiconductor companies in China have seen revenue growth, accounting for 47.22% of the total. On the other hand, 118 companies, accounting for 65.56%, experienced a year-on-year decrease in net profit attributable to their parent companies. The combined operating income of these 180 companies amounted to RMB340.363 billion ($46.85 billion), with an average of RMB1.891 billion ($260.30 million) per company.

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Among these companies, there are seven with revenue exceeding RMB10 billion ($1.38 billion), including Wingtech Technology, USI, Truchum, SMIC, Taiji Industry, CECport, and JCET. Additionally, there are eight companies with revenue between RMB5 billion ($688.25 million) and RMB10 billion ($1.38 billion), namely Will Semiconductor, Huahong Semiconductor, Naura Technology, JSJ, Kaifa Technology, Sanan Optoelectronics, Grinm Advanced Materials, and HT Technology.

Furthermore, there are 15 companies with revenue in the range of RMB2 billion ($275.30 million) to RMB5 billion ($688.25 million), including Silan Micro, Zhenhua Technology, Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics, GigaDevice, CCTC, Yangjie Technology, Hygon, Goke Microelectronics, AMEC, Amlogic, Sunlord Electronics, Yoke Technology, Fenghua Hi-Tech, BDStar Navigation, and Goodix Technology.

Among these companies, only four achieved revenue growth exceeding 100%, accounting for 2.22% of the total. Skyverse Technology had the highest revenue growth rate of 202.25%, followed by SICC, Wanye Enterprise, and MacMic Technology with growth rates of 172.38%, 134.34%, and 129.70% respectively.

Additionally, nine companies had revenue growth between 50% and 100%, accounting for 5% of the total. These companies include JSJ, Piotech, Hwatsing, Raytron, Semitronix, Zhenhua Fengguang, Naura Technology, Goke Microelectronics, and Empyrean.

Regarding profit, out of the 180 companies, 148 achieved net profits attributable to their parent companies of RMB30.448 billion ($4.19 billion) in the first half of 2023. On the other hand, 32 companies suffered net profit losses amounting to a total of RMB2.927 billion ($402.90 million).

When considering the scale of net profit attributable to parent companies, eight companies had net earnings exceeding RMB1 billion ($137.65 million), while 49 companies had net earnings between RMB1 billion and RMB1 ($137.65 million) billion. This accounts for 4.44% and 27.22% of the total respectively. Moreover, 91 companies had net profits between 0 and RMB100 million ($13.76 million), accounting for 50.56%.

Specifically, companies with net profits attributable to shareholders of more than RMB500 million ($68.83 million) include SMIC, JSJ, Naura Technology, Huahong Semiconductor, Zhenhua Technology, Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics, Wingtech Technology, AMEC, USI, CCTC, and Hygon.

In terms of net profits, 62 companies out of the 180 experienced a year-on-year increase, accounting for 34.44%, while 118 companies saw a decrease, accounting for 65.56%. In terms of net profit growth, Semitronix achieved the highest year-on-year increase, with a growth rate of 3903.60%. On the other hand, 14 companies experienced a decline in net profit attributable to their parent companies by more than 200%, including Chippacking Technology, HC SemiTek, Goodix Technology, NavInfo, MEMSensing Microsystems, InfoTM, Fine Made Microelectronics, and Loongson Technology.