CeeVeeTech's compensators and thermal environments for CVD and ALD precursors feature precision temperature sensors that are inserted via a thermal well directly into a liquid or solid deposition source. The temperature measurement is used to compensate for the temperature excursions that are caused by various factors encountered during CVD and ALD.

All liquid and solid CVD, MOCVD and ALD source compounds cool when they are evaporated to deliver precursor to the deposition process. Depending on the conditions the temperature drop can amount to more than 2 degrees C.  The vapor pressure of common deposition sources changes between 2% and 10% per degree C. At room temperature, the vapor pressure of water changes by 5.5% per degree C, trimethygallium by 4%, and trimethylindium by 9%.

CeeVeeTech was founded on the idea that Chemical Vapor and Atomic Layer Deposition processes can acheive better yield and higher quality of the product by measuring the temperature of the precursor. CeeVeeTech's compensators and thermal enclosures measure the ever-present difference between nominal and actual temperature and provide a more precise, more safe and higher functional thermal environment .

CeeVeeTech's compensators and thermal enclosures can be installed in all CVD and ALD tools and instantly enhance performance.  Interfacing with any CVD and ALD tool is seamless.

In 2021 CeeVeeTech has been awarded the first of a series of patents that cover CeeVeeTech's unique way to enhance the performance of CVD and ALD sources, in particular solid sources.

CeeVeeTech has partnered with Innovent Technologies which has a long history of  building high quality systems and assemblies for the semiconductor industry.

The design of an CVD/ALD process uses a nominal temperature for a precursor and assumes that the precursor is at that temperature. When the source is in use, the temperature of the precursor is always lower than the nominal temperature. This difference can result in yield loss. CeeVeeTech's compensators and thermal environments modify the signal to the mass flow controller or pressure controller to compensate for the lower temperature. This way CeeVeeTech's compensators insure that the intended amount of precursor is delivered to the CVD/ALD process at all stages. 

CeeVeeTech compensators and themal enclosures measure the temperature of a liquid or solid source precursor  and adjust flow or pressure so that the mass flow to the deposition process remains highly constant.

CeeVeeTech high resolution temperature sensors are directly inserted in the precursor liquid through a thermal access port in the bubbler/ampoule. The resolution of the temperature sensors is  50 mK.

CeeVeeTech compensators recieve the setpoint that is sent to the source MFC or PC. They compensate this setpoint for the temperature deviation before passing it along to the MFC or PC. This insures that the vapor concentration is stable throughout the deposition process.

Analog and Devicenet interface are available.

CeeVeeTech compensators and sources datalog all source data. Setpoints, temperature and control signals are recorded. CeeVeeTech compensators and sources feature multiple point high precision sensors with miniature form factor for insertion into the thermal access port. 


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