Chint Electric Heating Co., Ltd. was founded in the 60th year of the Republic of China (AD 1971). The founder upholds the enthusiasm of professional and technical excellence, and continues to introduce the latest machinery and equipment and production technology from abroad to provide the industry with the best quality in Europe, the United States and Japan. Quality, manufacturing high-level, stable and durable electric heating products, such as: electric heating pipes, instant hot air guns, electric heating sheets, thermal radiation heaters, temperature sensors, hot runners, etc. The customer industry covers a wide range, from various people's livelihood From supplies, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, packaging, plastics, ships and other industries, to semiconductor, aerospace industries, etc., Chint electric heating products all play an indispensable role in the equipment.

For a long time, Chint Electric Heating has continued to improve the electric heating manufacturing technology and production efficiency based on the business philosophy of "quality, technology, intention and integrity", and insisted on using only raw materials from Japan, Europe and the United States to provide the highest quality electric heating products.

【Leading Technology - The Most Reliable Electric Heating R&D Consultant】
The electric heating application industry has a very wide range. Taking the semiconductor and optical lens (lens) industries as an example, if the production line is shut down due to heating factors, the degree of loss is difficult to estimate. Chint has been exposed to many unexpected problems of heating equipment. We try our best to understand the details of the production line heating environment, machine conditions and heating equipment materials at the most immediate speed. Customized electric heating products with uniform, fast, stable quality and long-lasting heating, and also provide electric heating peripheral accessories. At present, Chint has successfully dealt with tens of thousands of production line heating equipment problems, assisting many customers to improve the production line yield rate, and has gained a good reputation in the electric heating industry.

Chint continues to provide customers with technical consultation related to electric heating. In addition to electric heating tube related products, it also provides customers with heating equipment problems, and provides optimal proposals for electric heating technology, heating principles and heat conduction, which is also the core service spirit of Chint.


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