, KR Manufacturer
Developing semiconductor equiment parts and industrial heaters.

Dpstar Group

 , MY Manufacturer
Electrical heaters, process heaters, thermocouples, temperature sensors.

LEAD Engineering Co., Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer,  Service Company
Manufacture Furnaces. Refurbishment and relocation of diffusion furnaces and RTP equipment. Spare parts

Cast Aluminum Solutions LLC, CAS

 , US Manufacturer
critical in-chamber heating and cooling devices, as well as custom-engineered thermal devices for a variety of wafer processing applications.

Maruwa Co., Ltd.

 , JP Manufacturer
Manufacturer of High Purity (6N) Polycrystalline SiC parts and components, such as Wafer Carrier, Susceptor, Ring, Heater or Dummy Wafer for Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems.

BriskHeat Corporation

 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Standard and Custom Heating Jackets, Silicone Heating Blankets, Flexible Heating Elements, Resistance Wiring, Heating Tapes and Cables. Applications include Etch, LPCVD, and CVD Gas Delivery and Exhaust Lines.

Technovision, Inc

 , JP Manufacturer
Wet Cleaning Systems and Chemicals, UV Ozone Cleaner, Wafer Mounter, Wafer Expander, Grip Ring, UV Curing System

DS Fibertech Corporation

 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Semiconductor diffusion heater and custom high temperature furnace chamber manufacturer.

Process Technology Inc

 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
DI water and Chemical heaters, chemical and solvent heaters, quartz heaters, fluoropolymer (PTFE) heaters, electric immersion heaters, heat exchangers, high-temperature filter chambers, solvent heaters, DynatronixTM power supplies, Controls.

JTEKT Thermo Systems Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Advanced heat treatment equipment for production of power semiconductors, (Si, SiC, GaN), organic EL (OLED), MEMS, and VCSEL, for Packaging (Fan-Out WLP/PLP, Wafer Bump, others), liquid crystal displays (LCD) and organic EL (OLED).

Materials Research Furnaces LLC

 , US Manufacturer
High temperature, high vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces.

Nanjing Advanced Semiconductor Technology, Co., Ltd

 Nanjing Shi, CN Manufacturer
Nanjing Advanced Semiconductor Technology (NAST), Co., Ltd specializes in the production of semiconductor-grade silicon material, including optimized hot zone and full-automatic process of crystal growth.

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.

 , JP Manufacturer
heat treatment systems for producing power semiconductors, silicon and compound semiconductors, solar batteries, organic EL (OLED), polyimide and MEMS. Our product lineup covers heat treatments from a low-temperature range to 1850°C.

KBC Corporation, Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Advanced carbon -based composites materials and products: MOCVD Disk, Single-Crystal Hot-Zone, Crucible,

Shenzhen Jinnuoda Teflon Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
Heaters, Heat exchangers, Titanium products, PTC heaters

Shanghai M-fine Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Non-oxidized precision ovens and provide networking and automation solutions in the curing process. Plastic molds and replacement parts. Wafer applicator, gumming machine,uncovering and labeling machine.

Shandong Guojing New Material Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Special ceramic materials, refractory metal products evaporation and plating equipment

TS Tech (Changzhou) Co., Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Heaters for semiconductor and solar applications