Technovision, inc. is a small group of professionals in the semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing industry. Since our founding in 1987, Technovision has been engaged in the development, manufacture, import and export of cleaning and before/after dicing process products. As a manual and semi-auto machine specialist, Technovision is delivering unique products, services and solutions to customers in the global market.

Cleaning systems for semiconductor manufacturing processes
・Assembly systems for semiconductor manufacturing processes
・Cleaning systems for FPD manufacturing processes
・Cleaning chemicals
・Manufacture and sale of the above items, as well as development, design, manufacture, exportation, and importation of related products
Major products    [Cleaning system]
・Cassette Cleaning System
・Photomask Cleaning System
・Mask Cleaning System
・UV Ozone Cleaning System
・Super Clean Heater

・Wafer Mounter
・Wafer Expander
・UV Curing System
・Grip Rings


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