LOT Vacuum is the only company within Korea competing on a global scale. Our competitiveness lies in our proven vacuum technology and essential services for the numerous industries in which vacuum solutions are needed.

Until the early 2000’s, Korea was heavily dependent on foreign dry vacuum technology. However, with the foundation of LOT Vacuum in 2002, there was a shift in Korea’s vacuum industry. With independent R&D and a customer-centric mindset/strategy, LOT Vacuum was responsible for the global market’s paradigm shift.

In the beginning, LOT Vacuum helped develop the domestic market by establishing technological independence and localizing vacuum products and their supply chain. As a result, we are now the No.1 dry pump provider in Korea’s semiconductor market.

We are continuously developing new solutions and next-generation models all while working closely with our customers and partners around the world.

LOT Vacuum is at the heart of/ is a pioneer and leader in the industrial vacuum business, and is a place where new ideas are continuously made. Always putting the customer first, we will continue to innovate and shape the future.

Moving forward, we will take a new leap as the true global ‘Total Vacuum Solution Provider’ by expanding our business areas and strengthening our technology capabilities. Together, we will continue to grow our company values and spread happiness among all of us/ be a driving force for the development of the industry.


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