, KR Manufacturer
Dry Vacuum Pumps for Solar, Semiconductor, Display


 , JP Manufacturer
Plastic Railchain (Cable guide), Fittings, Vacuum Pumps and controls, Low Friction Polyurethane Tube for cable guide,

Busch Vacuum Solutions Inc

 , US Manufacturer
vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors and customized systems using vacuum technology.


 , US Manufacturer
Vacuum Inlet Traps, Vacuum Pump Accessories, and Degassing Systems.

SKY Technology Development Co. Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Vacuum equipment, dry vacuum pumps and vacuum instruments and parts

Drytek Distribution LLC

 , US Distributor
Mask handling solutions and Wafer handling solutions for companies processing mask and wafers. Turbomolucular Pumps and Pumping Stations.

Jye Yeu Enterprise Co., Ltd

 , TW Manufacturer
Fittings, tubes, valves, air hydraulic products, vacuum products and customized products.

Semiprobe Inc

 , US Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
Design and production of probing and inspection systems to the semiconductor industry.


 , RU Manufacturer
Vacuum systems for semiconductors, microelectronics and SMD.


 , JP Manufacturer
Vacuum equipment business, electronic business, sustainable business, materials business

Parker Hannifin Corporation

 , US Manufacturer,  Service Company
Air Preparation (FRL) and Dryers, Cylinders and Actuators, EMI Shielding, Filters, Separators and Purifiers, Fittings and Quick Couplings, Gas Generators, Pumps, Valves manufacturer.

Osaka Vacuum, Ltd

 , JP Manufacturer
Turbo Molecular Pumps, Dry Vacuum Pumps, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps, Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps, Ejectors, Vacuum Systems, Vacuum Pumping Systems.

Orient Service Corp.

 , TW Manufacturer
The company is the agent of KJL Group vacuum components, high-efficiency ice water machines for vacuum systems, and CDO heating and washing waste gas treatment machines for semiconductor factories.

Kashiyama-USA, Inc

 , US Manufacturer
Vacuum pumps for Semiconductor, High Tech Manufacturing industries, Labs & Research

Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd.

 , JP Manufacturer
Vacuum pumps & components, Thin film forming equipment, Hard film forming equipment, Plasma processing equipment, Soldering equipment, Vacuum heat treatment equipment, Optical inspection equipment

Tianjin EMAGING Technology Co.,Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
Maglev Centrifugal Blower,​​​​ High Frequency Vector Invertor, Maglev High-speed PMS Motor, Maglev Vaccum Pump

Ultratorr Technologies, Inc.

 , CN Manufacturer
Cryopump ,cryo-water-pump and compressor.

Nanovac AB

 , SE Manufacturer,  Distributor,  Service Company
Turn-key vacuum systems used to simulate the harsh environment in space. PVD (physical vapor deposition) systems for demanding thinfilm R&D applications. Reverse engineered consumable parts for plasma etch and deposition systems. Vacuum pumps.


 , JP Manufacturer
Sputtering, Etching, Annealing and Bonding Equipment.

Edwards Vacuum LLC

 , GB Manufacturer
Gas abatement systems, EUV source, cryogenic equipment, dry pumps