Probe System for Life (PS4L)
Rapidly configure the probe station to meet your specific application requirements.
Optimize all test elements for the highest performance.
Transform the system at your site when your requirements or environment changes.
Maintain the value of your system while lowering the cost of test.
Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic systems

Specialty Systems
Vacuum Probing Systems
Double Sided Probing Systems
Magnetic Stimulation Probing System

Modular, server based application.
Open architecture with remote commands’ support.
Can be run as a controller or a slave for seamless third party integration.
Open ports to Serial, GPIB or TCP/IP text based communication.
Runs in demo mode to expedite software development

Lab Assistant
Small footprint manual systems.
Probing capabilities ranging from individual die to 200 mm wafers or substrates.
Features and options for both DC and HF/Microwave testing.
Numerous accessories are available to enhance system functionality.

Packaged Part & Probe Card Holders
SemiProbe manufactures a family of Packaged Part & Probe Card Holders.

Dark Boxes
SemiProbe's Dark Box provides a clear visual path to instrumentation and controls located outside and adjacent to the system.

SemiProbe provides numerous types of chucks to meet a wide array of probing applications. Chucks are primarily used to hold the device under test (wafer, substrate, photovoltaic, partial wafer and individual die) to the chuck surface via vacuum.

SemiProbe manufactures an extensive line of manipulators for a wide variety of applications (Device Characterization, High Frequency, MEMS, Power, Optoelectronics, Photovoltaics and more) ranging from submicron to large pad probing.

Manipulator Probe Arms
SemiProbe manufactures a large selection of probe arms for a variety of applications.

Probe Tips
Probe tips, also called probes or needle probes, are provided in a variety of materials, lengths, shapes and tip radius. They are typically inserted into a single probe arm mounted to a manipulator.

Vacuum Pump
SemiProbe provides a family of vacuum pumps.

Air Compressor
The air compressors are primarily used for pneumatic microscope lifts and for vibration isolation tables.

Instrumentation Racks
SemiProbe designs and builds a family of test instrumentation racks and shelves to hold a variety of test instrumentation – Power Supplies, SMU’s, Parametric Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers and more.


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