EPMDI has strong expertise in selecting the Packaging materials, designs, processes, and performing package reliability finite element method (FEM) simulations. We:
- have around 15 years of experience in working at semi-conductor companies/high-tech organizations like ASML, NXP, AMPLEON, and CITC.

- can support you in finding the right (/optimal) packaging solution.
- have a proven track record of applying our expertise and were successful in finding the packaging solutions that met product or reliability requirements.  
- have been successful in patenting our Innovative packaging Ideas (or solutions) while working for NXP and CITC. Examples:
    - Integrated circuits and molding approaches therefor, Patent number: 9842776, succesfully made a 

      prototype of world's thinnest wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP)
    - Integrated circuit comprising improved die attach layer, Patent Pending: eu 100574NL, to improve the

      reliability of package
- would like to bridge the gap between the semiconductor business demands and stakeholders such as material suppliers and back-end packaging world. 

- around 10 year of experience in FEM simulations in application areas such as Semi-conductor packaging.  

Packaging Services
Material selection
Material selection is the key for any product. We will act as a bridge between the material supplier and business customer.

We will initially identify the right (commercially) available materials that fit the needs of your application. Material identification will be done based on: 

I.  Material properties (Thermal/Mechanical/Electrical etc.); 

II. Discussions with different material suppliers.

Material characterization

We can propose relavent material characterization techniques and testing methods to achieve the required properties. Characterization support can be given if needed (only in consultation with business customer).

Material Innovation

Also, provide an innovative material design to attain desired properties. The material design can be done via. chemistry, new formulation etc.

Design selection 
Process selection
The typical packaging processes are dispensing, chip attach, curing, sintering, molding etc.  For any kind of process, it is inevitable to keep the specification under control or deviation should be within limits. Further, process should be repeatable and reproducible. We have strong expertise in applying lean six-sigma DMAIC approach to keep the process under control. 

FEM Simulations
FEM simulations can be done to determine the package stresses, warpage, cracks, delamination, etc. We input the right material properties, designs and their combinations during simulations to achieve low (or desired) stresses.  We have expertise in performing elastic, viscoelastic, viscoplastic, delamination etc. 

EPMDI will do Innovation targeting materials, desings and processes. We look for opportunity to patent our innovation ideas as well.


Package Designs & Thermal Simulations
The package 3D designing is done and thermal simulations are performed. The thermal simulations showed the best package design that could quickly transfer the heat out of the package.


Thermal Cycling Simulations  (TMCL)
Simulations are done by varying temperatures of different concept packages. Stresses are developed during TMCL due to the differences in the thermo-mechanical properties & package design. The package with inferior design & material properties showed highest stress concentration. Finally, the concept package with lowest stress is recommended.


Aging Effects (Expected in 2022)
The material properties change with time & temperature. It is commonly known as ageing effect. The ageing effect will drastically effect the reliability of the product during its life time. The effect of ageing will be modeled in this project. X-section view of aged sample showing oxidation (black color) on the top surface.


Web Model (Long-term)
To develop a generic tool that can find cost effective packaging solution as a function of design, material properties & other critical parameters. 


Patent Work (2022, in progress)
A novel idea to improve the reliability during thermal cycling (-65 to 150C) for 1000 cycles of the electronic package via. novel designs.