AT semicon provides wafer test and final test services for all types of semiconductor ICs, having established infrastructure that can test all semiconductors including memory and system semiconductors.

Wafer Test
AT semicon provides various wafer test services. Not limited to wafer test services, we also provides all wafer-related test services such as the development of test programs, laser repair, automatic visual inspection, and wafer-level burn-in tests. Wafer tests can be performed within the temperature range of -55℃ through 150℃ for all existing wafers having the sizes between 5" and 12".

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Final Test
AT semicon provides various package test services. The range of AT semicon’s final test service includes basic tests on electric attributes, as well as development of test programs and fabrication of interfaces that fit attributes of customer products.
AT semicon provides tests on devices having various package types, such as SOP, TSOP, TSOP2, SSOP, QFP, QFL, LGFP, TQP, QFN, BGA, FBGA, LGA, SIP, flip-chip F-BGA, and MCP (memory + memory, memory + system IC, system IC + system IC).
Final tests can be performed within the temperature range of -55℃ through 150℃ for memory semiconductors having 32Para through 1024Para, and for system semiconductors having 1Para through 16Para.

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Back-end Services
For tested products, AT semicon provides various back-end services related with semiconductor tests such as laser marking, visual inspection, and baking, as well as convenient drop shipping services from packaging (tape, reel, or tray) to delivery upon customer requests.

Memory Test
AT semicon provides probe and final tests on various types of memory devices such as SRAM, flash memory, DRAM, pseudo SRAM, embedded memory, and mask ROM. It also possesses capacity of testing various types of packages such as TSOP, FBGA, uBGA, SOP PLCC, and QFP. In addition, its world-best engineering capacity supports customers with development of software programs needed in all phases from designing to probe and final tests, as well as with development of hardware (Probe cards, Sockets, Change-over kits, and Hifix boards).

System IC Test
AT semicon possesses the capacity of performing logic tests (which are applied based on digital theories including MPU, ASI, FBGA, and PLD) on such package types of mixed signal devices that include analog functions in their digital circuits. AT semicon provides on-time services of all software and hardware such as test programs, probe cards, and load boards, which are needed for wafer tests and final tests, at the most competitive cost.

CIS Test
AT semicon provides wafer probe tests and final tests on CMOS image sensors (CIS), which are the core devices of mobile phones that have been getting the brightest limelight recently. CIS tests are conducted mostly on products having 16Para and 32Para. AT semicon provides the best CIS wafer test and final test services with testers made by Teradyne and Advantest.