Nantong Robuster Quartz CO., LTD, is committed to develop world class quartz and ceramic products, serving the semiconductor, optical fiber, solar, chemistry, and medical industry, with a large customer base from China mainland, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc. Our company is located in Hai Men industry park, Nantong city, Jiangsu Province, China; It is just 1 hour drive from Shanghai, the finacial and economy center of China. With a large area of 20,000 square meters for office building and 2 large manufacturing factories, we are capable of delivering large order of products to our customers with short lead time.

We are commited to drive technology innovation and provide high quality service to our worldwide customers. We have a diversified product porfolio to serve a wide range of industries. Our main products are listed below:

1. 10-24 inch fused quartz crucibles for Semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry

2. 18-26 inch fused quartz crucibles for Solar industry

3. Featured fused quartz crucibles with large ragne dimensions to serve the sintering process for metallurgy indutry, etc.

4. Fused silica ceramic for labs, powder metallurgy, etc

5. Quartz tubing, Quartx ingot and other quartz products

With advanced technology and motivation to innovate, Nantong Robuster Quartz is commited develop diversified products with different process & dimensions& performance level to meet the requirements of different customers.We have a large and stable customer base in china, we are growing our customer base overseas in Japan, Korea, Europe and US.


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