As pioneers of such things as the integrated ToF-SIMS, Xe plasma FIB-SEM and the Raman Integrated Scanning Electron (RISE) microscope, TESCAN continues to develop a suite of world-class imaging, modification and microanalytical instruments for the scientific community. With over 3000 installations worldwide, TESCAN instruments can be found everywhere from central analytical facilities at the cutting edge of science to industrial laboratories carrying our routine QC work.
TESCAN’s product range can be broadly grouped into:

1. SEM’s
2. FIB-SEM’s (Ga and Xe plasma)
3. micro-CT (Computed Tomography)

With state-of-the-art optics, electronics and software married to optimized hardware, TESCAN brings you performance and versatility. This allows us to tailor systems to your specific requirements, as well as offering the flexibility to add more detectors down the track, thus futureproofing your investment. With various chamber sizes and variable pressure options, TESCAN’s systems can handle samples of almost any size and type.
TESCAN’s leading-edge micro-CT systems facilitate image acquisition, 3D reconstruction, 3D visualization, and quantification. High-speed imaging also enables dynamic or 4D CT that can reveal structural changes over time as a function of changing variables e.g. load. TESCAN has solutions to cater to your technical requirements and budget.

TESCAN SEM SolutionsTESCAN SEM Solutions
TESCAN SEM Solutions for Materials ScienceTESCAN SEM Solutions for Materials Science
TESCAN SEM Solutions for Life SciencesTESCAN SEM Solutions for Life Sciences
TESCAN SEM Solutions for Earth Sciences and Natural ResourcesTESCAN SEM Solutions for Earth Sciences and Natural Resources
TESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Materials ScienceTESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Materials Science
TESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Life SciencesTESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Life Sciences
TESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for SemiconductorsTESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Semiconductors
TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT SolutionsTESCAN Dynamic micro-CT Solutions


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